Heels and what dress to wear with different heels

One essential aspect that you should not ignore, which is regarded to be among the vital part of the attire is your shoes. It has been noticed that there are many who are somewhat clueless,, when trying to select the right type of footwear to be worn for an occasion, simply because, you may not be aware of the different heel types that exist in the market.

The reason to wear heels is actually not to get taller, but to enhance your confidence and to make you appear attractive and beautiful.

Here are some different types of heels and recommendations on what dresses that goes with it.

heels-peffyStiletto heels

Besides being attractive, they are also the tallest shoes available, having heels rising up to about 8”. If not used to using them or not careful, you may get foot-ache. It is defined by its sharp, long heels and can be best suited with formal wear for the party.

Wedge heels

They are quite comfortable due to its rock bottom design which helps you to avoid tottering, unlike the other sharp heels. No space is present between shoe heels and toe area. Long dresses , Jumpsuits  can go well with wedge heels.

Ankle strap heels

Such type of heels can be perfect if tall heels are what you prefer to wear. They come with a strap that runs across your ankles, thereby providing your feet with the support it requires. Wearing a dress shirt and pair of denims, you are sure to rock.

Kitten heels

If you feel that you are not comfortable wearing heels for longer hours, then kitten heels can be the best choice. They are small heels that admirably blend comfortable and style and can just perfectly suit your casual outings and work formals.

Sandal heels

 They are like lace-up or slip-on sandals, however, with extra heel of any type, be it stiletto or stacked. You can team sandal heels with semi-formals or casual clothes.


They are quite synonymous with heels. Although, pumps can be found in limitless variety, these are just about 2-3 inches in height, while being cut super low surrounding the toes and can go with any selected outfit perfectly.

Selecting the right type of heels and dresses can help you look stylish, trendy and comfortable at the same time. Here are some trending recommendations.

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