Style with Leggings, Jeggings and Treggings

Leggings, Jeggings and Treggings are perfect option for bottom wears for various occasions. Understand your wadrobe better and see what style goes with it


Leggings refer to tight fitting bottoms. These are made from lycra, spandex, nylon, or even cotton or polyester. Typically they are made of a blend of these fabrics. Mainly they are of ankle length. Today they can be either longer or shorter. Hence there are cycle shorts, knee length or ones which are gathered around the ankles.

You can wear these for all kinds of casual events. These are comfortable enough to be worn to college or for a pajama party. Since they are tight fitting, hence they will not get spoilt even of you sleep in them. Hence women love to wear them in case they are travelling overnight. Since these can match all kinds of Indian and Western wear, hence they are popular at all kinds of casual occasions. These can be worn while exercising, cycling, cooking and so on.


Jeggings give you the look of jeans with the stretch of leggings. These are the perfect combination of leggings and jeans with features of jeans such as stitch detail pockets. These are versatile and comfortable and look highly stylish too. Hence they are perfect for those weekends when you want to laze around but still look fashionable!

Jeggings are basically designed to give you comfortable jeans. They are tight too but they are made of a thicker fabric.  Hence you can wear these if you are going on a trek or on a weekend trip outside. Besides, they have detailing such as loops and pockets. This means that you can slip in your mobile, wallet, keys and so on and go out shopping or catch a movie with friends while wearing jeggings.


Treggings look like trousers but give a fit of leggings. These are sleek and tailored. Hence treggings are great for office wear as you have the formal look with lasting comfort throughout the day. You can wear these with a tailored jacket and have a complete mix that will make you look smart through the day.

You may team up a pair of treggings with a formal shirt. If you want, put on a jacket too if you need to go for that important meeting.


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