Top Women Clothing Trends for 2016

Are you prepared to fill your closet with the latest clothing trends? Every year fashion designers come up with new styles that can blow you off your feet. These looks will certainly make you much more stylish and classy.  Here are our top picks

54593066 - cute young woman wearing blue and yellow cloth on red background

  • Urban Idealist – The urban idealist is a new concept for 2016. The look is a combination of casual wear with trendy designer sandals, with heels to minimum.
  • New Bohemian Look –  The style was originated in 70’s with emphasis on flared fabrics. The new bohemian look is now mainstream and comes with more maxi skirts and vibrant colours and patterns. Regardless of how young or artistic you are, this style will suit you.
  • English Rose –   The “English Rose” defines floral prints and lightweight material. This line is known for its romance and feminine nature. Indeed, English Rose will help you look pretty without much effort. This style goes well with killer heels. Make sure you don’t pick from this line of clothing for formal wear.
  • Cyber Punk Style – The trend is all about luxury clothing, from branded handbags and engaging accessories. New trends see a combination of fashion and technology, like floral lighted skirts or radiant glowing top based on mood swings, the trends is for someone who wants to be different and try something innovative.


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