What to wear for beach vacation in Goa

Goa is a place where you can let yourself loose and thereby enjoy wearing some wonderful outfits like jump suits, beach wear, floral dresses and even the bikinis. Check out below some of the trending outfits that you can wear for a beach vacation in Goa.


Palazzo pants are certainly one of the most popular outfits among the women who visit Goa for a beach vacation. This wonderful outfit will not just only give you a sensational look but will also enable you to enjoy lots of comfort in a beach party. For a beach vacation in Goa, it will certainly be wise for you to choose from a wide variety of printed palazzos with vibrant colors and wear them along with bold colored lace- tops or crop tops. You can even buy one in local markets in Goa

Short or long skirts

This is also one of the wonderful outfits that you can wear for a beach vacation in this beautiful place. Skirts are available in various styles and thereby ensure to choose a specific one that suits your body type. Apart from the regular pencil skirts, Long floral skirts is one of the 2016 trending items in Goa.

Tank tops and shorts

Tank tops and shorts are also one of the popular outfits. Wear this wonderful outfit in order to roam around the beaches of Goa in comfortable way.


Goa is certainly the best place to wear bikinis in order to enjoy its weather and even the beach party. It will certainly be wise for you to choose a bikini according to the shape of your body.  Generally you would find one piece bikinis over two piece bikinis .


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