What to wear in Water Kingdom

Are you planning to visit Water Kingdom for an outing.Most people spend hours in front of their closet trying to figure what they will wear to the water parks. Here are some general style tips for any water park visit –


Keep it light and bright. 

Wearing accessories like hats and sunglasses is a must, they protect you from direct sunlight and also bring out an elegant look.For men a bright beach short is all they need. For instance, Water Kingdom being in Mumbai is usually humid all along. Applying sun block screens is a must.

2. Choose the right swimwear

Women should choose the right swimwear based on their body shape, whether athletic, apple, pear or hourglass.  Choose the correct fabric ,bright colours are ideal for small busted women and dark colours for big busted women. Choose wide straps to support your bust too. If in doubt, opt for a long swimsuit with frills. Location and culture also play some important role. For instance, India Swim wears market is dominated by long swim suits or skirt like swimsuits.  That should be your safest bet for a visit to Water Kingdom.

3. Team it up

You can wear a big t shirt on top to cover your swim suit. Choose an open shoe or flip flops which may not get damaged by the water and you will be comfortable the whole day. Shoes with heels are a no go zone in such occasions. At the end, do have fun and make memories.  Fun Tip -Do visit Water Kingdom on  a rainy day, to have double the fun    

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