What to wear with Capris

Capris are casual attire but still look sophisticated and classy enough. These look best with western wear. Hence you can wear these with shirts and tops. Make sure that your shirt or top ends just below the waistband. This will make the outfit appear smart. In case it ends at the hips, it will make them look a bit big.

Types Of Capris

You can wear capris that end at mid-calf. This is perfect for those who are slim and have well-developed calf muscles. The best length for capris is between the calf and ankle. It is perfect for women of all sizes. Wear capris with slits as that makes them look more dramatic and feminine.

What to wear with capris

black-caprisWith capris, wear tops that skim just the top of your capris. This will make your legs appear taller and hence they are perfect for those who are short in height. Taller women can wear tops or shirts that are longer in length. These look good under a flowing tunic.

In case your tops are of bright colors such as bright pink, fuchsia green, deep yellow, turquoise green, crimson red, orange and so on, you should pair these with capris in neutral colors such as peach, white, black or grey. Bright colored tops with bright capris looks too loud.

Capris today are available in a variety of patterns. You can get these in checks, stripes, and various other patterns. In case you are short, do not opt for big patterns. For tall people, capris with small patterns will make them look taller only.

Capris are meant to be worn with western wear. Hence do not try them on with ethnic wear such as kurtis or suits and so on. Also, make sure that the top is not too long and covers the length of the capri. Since your top will be just coming till the elastic band of your capri, make sure that you buy capris made of thick material.

Capris are also perfect for the monsoon or rainy outing. A popular casual style is to wear a short sleeveless t-shirt over a capri and couple that with a transparent full sleeve jacket. Just make sure that the jacket is not too long.. This is perfect as a casual attire!





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