What to wear with A-Line Skirt

When compared against other skirts, the A-line skirt is comfortable and very flattering. It has simple lines that will help you flaunt your curves neatly. To make the A-line skirt much more comfortable and super stylish, you should fine tune it to your personal style statement. Pick the right kind of tops and accessories. Also, choose the right kind of footwear for your outfit.

44775801_s (1)The A-line skirt adheres to a high-waist design. This is why you shouldn’t go for shirts or blouses. The only place where you should try a shirt would be when you are ready to tuck it in. That is because long shirts can increase the width of your waist. As a result, you will appear puffy.

Here are few tips on how different body types should wear an A-line skirt.

#1 For Pear Shaped Girls

If you have a pear shaped body, you should go for strapless, simple tops. A ruffled shirt that is strapless will help you get that perfect hourglass shape. This style goes well with high heels and beautiful curvy wedges.

#2 For Lean Girls

Girls with a lean shaped body should try and add more volume. This volume should be added on the upper part. Lean shaped girls can pair A-line skirts with a spaghetti top. The top should be made of cotton and with fine lace endings.

#3 For Apple Shaped Girls

Apple shaped girls look great in A-line skirts and long sleeved shirts. The shirt has to be neatly tucked in and pulled a little bit near the skirt’s waist. If you don’t have an outlined waist, fear not! The long sleeved shirt will compensate both your lower and upper part.

#4 For Girls with An Hourglass Figure!

Last but certainly not least, girls with an hourglass frame can wear almost anything with the A-line skirt. A wide range of tops can be mixed and worn with the skirt. An essential accessory to be worn with A-line skirts would be a thin belt (contrasting shade).


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